Schools Programme


A comprehensive and well-structured coaching programme allows for maximal progression from all pupils during the six week programme. Specific FUNdamental movement games and drills that focus on the ABC’s (Agility, Balance and Coordination) lead to a specific and appropriate practice in which pupils of all ages and abilities can develop their football skills.

Activities that promote individual work, pair work, teamwork and reflection on performance allow for relevant improvement to be made to a child’s interaction and evaluation skills.

Our coaching programme provides the perfect opportunity for pupils in your care to experience quality coaching, encouragement and motivation in a fun and enjoyable environment.

What we offer?

  • Schools Coaching: Curriculum / Outside Curriculum time
  • PPA: Half day / Full day

*Each working group must be within a 2-year age band


  • Schools Coaching:

Curriculum time coaching: £30 per coach / per hour
Outside curriculum time coaching: £35 per coach / per hour

  • PPA Coaching:

1 coach 2 coaches

Half Day: £60 Half Day: £80

Full Day: £120 Full Day: £160

Should any of these be of interest to your school then please do not hesitate Carla Cantrell for more information or to book on 0113 367 6598. Alternatively you can email