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The health and welfare of our community is vital to us at the United Foundation. With Britain's growing issue of an overweight population and sedentary lifestyles our partnerships with the NHS and Change4Life targets children who are inactive, at-risk of becoming overweight or obese, We involved them in regular, structured physical activity. We place a real focus on engaging children in some of the most disadvantaged areas in Leeds. 

Because health matters.

We believe in reigniting the basics– eat well and exercise more. These key messages also outline the importance of a healthy lifestyle including education on food and health, smoking and the importance of regular physical activity.

Our ‘stealth’ approach also encourages parents and families to partake in physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices via the use of ‘Healthy Living Days’ and galas. By using football based activities for innovative learning material, we hope to inspire children and young people to improve their diet and nutrition and live a healthier lifestyle.


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