Healthy Living Days


  • To promote an understanding of the benefits of being healthy
  • To educate about how exercise can have a positive impact on a person by using a professional football club as a focus.


  • 4 children from Years 3,4,5 and 6 would be asked to be the “experts”, and be trained up by LUFC prior to the Healthy Living Day
  • Each class will work to a 1 hour slot:

30 minutes physical activity

30 minutes classroom based activity

  • Four interactive games would take place in which children work in small groups to understand key messages
  • Physical activity sessions to develop ABC’s – Agility, Balance and Coordination, along with promoting teamwork, self-esteem and confidence.

Interactive Games

  • The “EATWELL PLATE” – children discuss the benefits of eating a healthy balanced diet and the 5 different food groups.
  • Play Your Calories Right – children have to guess how many calories / energy are used during 30 minutes of different activities
  • Show Smoking the Red Card – children discuss the dangers of smoking and the effect it has on your body and physical activity
  • Sugar Swaps – children have to match the sugars to that of 4 different drinks, then discuss what the effects have on your body

Cost: £250

Should this be of interest to your school then please do not hesitate Carla Cantrell for more information or to book on 0113 367 6598. Alternatively you can email