Fit for Football


  • To raise children’s awareness of the health benefits of Not Smoking, Eating Healthily and being Physically Active


  • The programme is delivered via the use of games and physical activities, and also involves making healthy snacks and carrying out group discussion.
  • There is scope for a wide range of additional lesson plans to be used to allow each of the subject areas to be explored in more detail.
  • Delivery can be a 6 week (1 hour per week) in school activity or after school activity, or alternatively a 1 day (5 hour) course during a school day or holiday.
  • Requirement from the school would be a room for the food work with tables and hand washing facilities, and access to a playing field or sports hall/gym.

Cost: £250

Should this be of interest to your school then please do not hesitate Carla Cantrell for more information or to book on 0113 367 6598. Alternatively you can email