The Leeds United Foundation in partnership with the NHS and Change4Life are working to target children who are inactive or at risk of becoming overweight or obese and involving them in regular, structured physical activity. Specific focus is on engaging children in disadvantaged areas in Leeds.

The programme specifically targets inactive children aged 5 – 19 years and is coordinated to promote physical activity within school time and as an extended activity away from school. Our intention is to encourage and increase the number of children and young people participating in lifelong physical activity.

Key messages are delivered surrounding healthy lifestyles including education on food and health, a smoke-free lifestyle and the importance of regular physical activity. This aims to ultimately enhance the skills and knowledge of all groups that we work with. The use of football based coaching sessions with specific, achievable outcomes allow for confidence and self-esteem levels to increase, and for a feeling of competence to be achieved and maintained by all.

To add sustainability the programme adapts community development approaches to engage parents and families in physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices via the use of Healthy Living Days and Galas. During the school holidays various activities and courses are ran for children across South Leeds, where our main key messages of healthy lifestyles are again promoted and delivered.

The programme is ever adaptable to remain up to date with the healthy lifestyle agenda, ensuring that skills and knowledge are transferred in the most effective way.

By using football based activities for innovative learning material, we hope to inspire children and young people to improve their diet and nutrition and live a healthier lifestyle.

For further information, please contact Carla Cantrell on 0113 367 6598. Alternatively you can email